Our Mission

Creativity Leads to Enhanced Reality

Magly as a new kind of leisure amenity to help hotels grow and beat increasing competition.

   Magly is a new kind of leisure amenity aimed at recreational hotel complexes. It transforms hotels into fully interactive game. Guests will discover completely new aspects of the hotel, full of secrets and mysteries. Using our innovative controller, they will interact with various objects scattered around the premises that will give them missions and clues leading to the hidden treasure. Dedicated accessories will enable a new kind of experience in which players are the main character themselves, pushing the boundaries of traditional AR experience.


Never before have hotels had an amenity that is so easily monetized. Hotels will sell controller, accessories and gameplay time creating a completely new stream of revenue. Implementation in corridors and alleys means that they will monetize existing space and will not require any new buildings.

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We strive to make hotel amenities great again

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