Our CEO Filip Budny tells about MAGLY in the Polish Enterprise Agency Pionieer Podcast

How to recover after the collapse of a start-up? Listen to our podcast with Filip Budny from Magly
Filip Budny, founder of Magly – a start-up creating unique hotel attractions for children, will talk about the fall in the Pioneers Podcast. What did he learn from the dissolution of his previous company? How did he approach creating a new one? How to recover after such an event? Listen

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In today’s episode of the Pioneers Podcast, we talk to Filip Budny, founder and CEO of Magly. Filip had previously created another start-up – youths.work. It was a recruitment portal for young people with a focus on seasonal work in the HORECA industry. Why did the company he founded with his colleagues fail, even though it achieved quite good results and was growing? What lessons did he learn from the fall and what attitude did he have to adopt to continue developing his new projects?

We also talk about how Magly works – and did he transfer the lessons learned from the collapse to the new project, or did he start working on it as a blank slate? Has the fact that he has already outlived one company made the other one develop better? We invite you to listen!