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MAGLY is a R&D company based in Poland. We develop R&D projects based on professional design, programming and implementation of IOT-type embedded electronics as well as FDM and DLP 3D printing.

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We bring real solutions to world problems through a deep understanding of their market, solution, and vision.

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Innovative Hotel Attraction for Children

MAGLY GAME is a platform for creating modern, fully personalized hotel attractions in the form of interactive educational games that engage entire families. Hotel guests, using an innovative controller that recognizes movements, interact with various objects and monitors scattered throughout the hotel. Players can rotate, lift and highlight elements of the scenography. Game's characters present in monitors or in the form of interactive sculptures lead the player's gameplay while telling a fictional story. All this is possible completely without the use of phones, mobile devices or VR glasses - following the new phi digital trend, pushing the boundaries of current gaming technology.

© All rights reserved. Made by MAGLY. Access Privacy Policy.

© All rights reserved. Made by MAGLY. Access Privacy Policy.